When most of us give presentations, we naturally get butterflies before we deliver to any size audience. Eventhough we have prepared and practiced and “know our stuff” we still have that natural fear – Our natural fear of speaking in from of an attentive audience – all eyes on you, right…

Well the game has changed big time with crackberrys and iPhones basically in pocket’s reach of all of your attendees. Now, presenters are going to have to keep their presentations so interesting that they keep the eyes on them…instead of one’s portable device.

Over the last year I have been to a respectable amount of conferences, have been in numerous presentations, and have even been giving my own presentations to groups ranging from 1 to 125. The one thing that I have noticed is the number of people that are checking email during the presentation – I am even a victim of it. I was at the Online Marketing Summit last week and saw this first hand. Overall the conference was good, but there was one presenter that was just so damn boring that I had to pull out my blackberry (like everyone else!) and check my email. In a way I felt bad, but I was paying to see her speak and even more – giving up valuable work time to see it. And obviously everyone in the room felt the same!

So here is the scoop. If you are planning a presentation in the near future, it has to be interesting enough to hold your audience. Less text, more videos and photos. If you are talking about a Web site, go to it and give a quick demo. Embed some videos or have an entire slide with just a photo that your discussion will be revolved around. The old days of text-heavy presentations are done. If you are going to take the time and/or money of others to hear you speak, do it right or you will be talking to a crowd focused more on their email or the Web than with what you have to say.