Recently I have been seeing a ton of news about Twitter. The most eye popping to me is Guy Kawasaki saying “I think Twitter is, arguably, the most powerful branding mechanism since television.” Check out the post and video from Robert Scoble here.  This is huge guys. Guy and Robert are the guys that you pay to see talk about social media and the future of the space. This is when you stop and really listen.

But if this is so huge, why is it not picking up in the Gen-Y group? When I look, it is mostly colleagues or people digging deep into social media or techies that get it. It is not my college buddy who I drank beers with in college giving his 140 word update of what he is doing. Example – Last week I posted a status update asking about twitter and if anyone is using it to friend me or let me know what they think. The result – no friends and five people within minutes ask me why the hell I use twitter! So does this, and Guy’s comment, mean that Twitter is more of a corporate/business/techie social function?

If you look at Facebook it started as a social function from the Gen-Yers, then was pushed out to the corporate/business world with SOME success stories, but not a lot. This is still where I keep in touch with those beer buddies. This is where I see those friends engaged (or unengaged). So looking at Twitter and just my own little experience here, could it be the opposite? More of a corporate/business function (or something with early adopters of mostly techies and web gurus) that eventually turns into a social function of the masses?

I’d love to see what you all think. I think it is awesome. I see how it can be HUGE to my employer, but also to keeping in touch with all those beer buddies…but to do so they have to believe in it. Do you?