In these tough times there is absolutely no reason NOT to go out and build your personal brand. You need to absolutely kill it when it comes to your own representation. For ways to do this go to a post from last month on growing your network. I saw this opportunity to kill it on twitter the other night. I was relaxing and watching Scarface when I got a message that @Scobleizer is now following me. Are you kidding me! If you have no idea who Robert Scoble is, you need to start at Web 2.0 101. This guy is one of the most profound gurus in the space.

See, I took like 15 days or so off of twitter due to a ridiculous span of working my tail off and now have come to the realization that I need to take advantage of this opportunity. And taking advantage in no means is about  just posting more STUFF, which unfortunately  on twitter there is just a lot of STUFF, but it is about posting content that can build a relationship with a top guru in the space. And when I say stuff, I mean irrelevant information from individuals which I think actually builds the character of the tool itself – don’t take it out of context, twitter is awesome. It brings collaboration and socialization together. You can gain knowledge from others while also learning about them. Their travel, their habits, their personal experiences.

You know some say they have those life changing moments when they have a near death experience. Mine came with a simple email notification of a new follower. I gotta step my game up and kill it. I need to contribute content to the masses that is new and worthwhile. Crush it as Gary V would say….haha dude is another guru when it comes to the space.