The Situation

I have been a big time golfer (well atleast the interest level is huge) for my whole life. I spend money on the newest clubs, balls, even biodegradable tees! It was time for new grips because the cord (style) grips that I had were just not cutting it for me. So, I went to Golf Galaxy where I always buy (in this case bought) all of my golf necessities.

The Story

Monday 5/4/09 – Go to Golf Galaxy in Brookfield to get new grips. At the end of last year I had them put the Winn G8 on my 4 iron to test it out over the winter and see if it is what I wanted to switch to for all of my clubs. The test went good so I decided to switch to this grip. I went into the store and proceeded to the grip area. Went back and a guy was back there gripping a club. He was doing it for an elderly man who was trying to create some conversation with the employee – the employee wasn’t having it. Replied with one-word answers basically blowing the old man off. To be honest, don’t even know if the elderly man needed a regrip but really was just looking to  have some good golf conversation.

So I went and looked at grips. The G8 was advertised but did not have any grips for sale in the “bin”. I looked around and waited for the employee to finish the regrip. He finished and I asked if they had any G8’s in. He replied, “I don’t think so.” I asked if he could check “in the back” and he replied that they were all out and didn’t sell them anymore. BUT they were advertising them so that was a little sketchy.

Being open to other options I began asking questions. “Is this one like the G8?” “Is this one firm or soft?” “I don’t want a cord, so can you tell me which ones are opposite of that?” The response that I got was basically that it was a personal preference/he didn’t really care to help. Yes, I know it is a personal preference but you are paid to give me information! So we went around and around, basically I felt that the dude just wanted to go back for a cig break or think about his broken dream of being on the tour and now stuck in Golf Galaxy. So I found the Winn DSI. Nice grip but the display wasn’t on a shaft. Asked him if he could put it on one and employee said “no”. Ughhh.

You are probably asking now, “Why in the world did I even stay after this?” For me it’s all about loyalty. I have been loyal my whole life. Loyal in my job, loyal to my friends, girlfriends, and to my favorite stores. So I gave them a chance. I ended up getting the Winn DSI and had them put the grips on. I asked when I could get them and he said by the weekend. 7 days for 10 grips? Come one now! The guy was being a jerk. I tried to engage in conversation about a course that he and now another employee were talking about and they blew me off.

So I got an estimate for the work. I know it is an estimate and they can change it – yes I get it. But the guy’s estimate was only for the labor of 2 grips plus price of 10 grips for a total of around $65. I really thought he was hooking me up for being such a terrible help, but turns out he was just incompetent and couldn’t figure out how to work the computer. So I signed and left, asking to have the grips by the weekend and they said hopefully it could be done. 9 out of 10 times I would have brought up the mistake. But in this case he ought to be doing me a favor anyway.

Wednesday 5/6/09 – Early! Got an email the grips were done. Sweet, thanks buddy for coming through. I’m busy with softball the next few night so go in Friday. Go back by the club repair area and there is nobody around. Stand there for a good 4 or 5 minutes and two employees walk by but don’t acknowledge my existence. Awesome… Then the same guy comes back. Thinking he may have had a case of “the Mondays” during my last visit I give him a chance.

He walks up I say, “What’s going on man?” He blows me off…”Last name?” Really? After not helping me you have to be a huge prick. So I tell him my last name and look and the estimate is change to $90 (from $65). I say to him that the estimate was $65 when I signed on Monday. He replies that he screwed up (no “sorry I screwed up sir”) but just a non-genuine answer. So I say that the original was $65 that I signed and I shouldn’t have to pay for his screw up (in a very NICE way). He says he screwed up and I have to pay it, end of story. I come back and say that I have been coming here for at least 5 years and should not have to pay it. SIDE NOTE – if you know me, I am not cheap. Have never been cheap. But after how I was treated at Golf Galaxy I think I should be compensated for terrible service and shouldn’t have to pay for someone’s screw up.

So this guy then has the nerve to say, “So lookin’ for a freebie. I get it. You can go to the manager and try to get your freebie.” Basically saying that I am cheap. Golf Galaxy employees are now calling their customers (loyal customers) cheap! As you can imagine, I am furious. Just furious. So I go to the manager. Instead of apologizing and saying “Sir, I’m sorry that we screwed up but we cannot do anything about it,” he ends up telling me that the work was done and I have to pay it. I tell him that I don’t care about the money part, but the service was terrible. Even go on to tell him that his prick of an employee was unhelpful and extremely rude. He has no answer, but he can give me half off the difference ($10). I even said I would never come back again and he could still do nothing! Ohh, and still no apology on their mistake and his employees terrible service. I leave in frustration.

The Loss

I have been going to only Golf Galaxy for everything like I mentioned. Even have forwarded sales via email to friends, coworkers and family. Not any more. I am finished at Golf Galaxy for life.

My estimated future purchases and projected revenue lost for the next 40 years. Sorry Golf Galaxy but I’m going elsewhere.

Irons (new every 5 years): $1000 x 8 = $8000

Driver (new every 3 years): $300 x 13 = $4000

Woods/Hybrids (new every 3 years): 3 clubs x $200 each = $7800

Balls (5 boxes year):  $40/dozen = $8000

Total Estimate: $27,800 – this does not include shoes, gloves, tees, bags, and clothes – all bought at Golf Galaxy in the past.

The Power of Social (social experiment)

RT and pass this along. Let’s see if I hear anything from Golf Galaxy. I will update the post if I do. Twitter tag: #antigolfgalaxy