In the last few months, Twitter has taken celebrity status. In talking to our associates, friends, and family, it seems that although there is buzz, most people don’t get it. Below I have categorized the three types of “Twitter Users” in my opinion.


  • Writes daily updates on what they are doing
  • Links to content that is of interest of followers
  • Mixes RT and original information


  • Explores the twittershpere and follows friends, co-workers, and industry actives
  • Reads and collects content from others
  • Goes to links and follows other’s conversations
  • Not much conversation, but uses Twitter as an aggregate to get information
  • May be a Re-tweeter of content

Power User

  • Mix of both Contributer and Follower types
  • “Joins the conversation” through twitter and other social sites
  • Is active on-and offline building personal brand
  • Uses @ name as a way for people to connect with them

Feel free to comment and add to this list. Over time I will revise this to make it more accurate.

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