My absence from blogging has had a lot to do with this post. Between putting in ridiculous hours and traveling some very cool places like San Francisco (where I may end up at the latter end of my life!) I have been realizing that us social media geeks need to un-geek ourselves sometimes! The social media landscape is vast and ever-changing, which makes it super exciting for a newly found geek like myself. But at the same time we have to understand that the majority of the population does not get it.

So I sit here, thinking how it (social) can all make sense to the “normal” corporate employee. Two years ago I stood in front of a handful of execs and tried to explain what social media was and how it needed to be integrated into the business. Reflecting back, has social media really changed? The tools, yes they have evolved. But has the mere premise of social being a collaboration, one-to-many function really changed?

My answer is NO, and the whole thought behind my un-geeking the geeks. We need to realize that not everyone knows how Facebook works. Not everyone knows how LinkedIn works. And I guarantee most people don’t have a f-in clue why we use twitter. We have evolved the tools much faster than the average internet user has evolved. Looking at the business world, well that’s a completely slower adoption.

So I am taking the geek out and basically positioning it how I would explain it to my mother (Mom no offense. You are awesome at attaching pictures now through email). Yes the tools are important to know and explain, and this needs to be done at an extremely basic level with absolutely no acronyms. But even more importantly, this means sticking to the basics and focusing on the real challenge at hand – how do we (as social geeks) collaborate, and fulfill our individual organization goals through the integration social media?

I have a pretty good idea, but that is staying with the geek in me.