If you haven’t heard the news, Apple just announced the iPad – a tablet device to really complement the iPhone and laptop/desktop. This post is not an analysis of the features/functionality, but rather my thoughts on how we as marketers can learn from their marketing.  But, to see a ton of posts on this go to Alltop, or see the full keynote here.

I was following as much of this as I could on Twit.tv where they had more than 100,000 following their live audio (and sometimes video) feed. The truly remarkable part of this annoucement was the viral nature of this. No press release was put out, but rather rumors emerged on the Web all the way from early 2009 on what this product would look like and have for feature/functionality. There was HYPE!

The announcement was not mind blowing. Some were dissapointed by lack of features such as not having a camera, mic, and multi-tasking, but all of those that I talked to said they would still buy it. Apple did an incredible job by embracing bloggers. They gave press passes to bloggers, which in turn they knew would “live blog” about this – I was also following 5 or so live blogs to see who could get up coverage faster. Engadget and Gizmodo actually went down a few times due to the amount of people viewing their site. And twitter, well that was a lost cause with more than 1,000 posts every few seconds.

The lesson for us all – success does not lie only in the press release. By embracing the Web and inviting bloggers to your events can turn into a huge Web event and free promotion of your product. In doing so, you find the true evangelists that will hype the product, even if there is a bit of disappointment in the final product.

Now I know we all do not have the luxury of being an Apple, but we still can take some of the success of this announcement into our practices when announcing products. Anything in the tech space can be ground breaking, and hype can be built on the Web around it –  the key is finding true evangelists on the Web to talk about it.